Ushering a New Era in Remote Patient Monitoring



Cuff less, 24/7 continuous blood pressure and HR monitoring.

At work, at home, during exercise and sleep

The World’s First Wearable, Continuous* Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood pressure

Heart rate

Non invasive,

Automatic background measurements 24/7

Wear ‘n Measure Technology - no calibration needed

Long lasting battery – up to 3 days of measurements on a single charge

Automatically saves data to complementary app


Telehealth: long-term Monitoring


Clinics and hospitals: Short-term Monitoring




Ambulatory Services

 Lessons from the Field:  How LiveMetric® is Helping Hospital Staff Monitor Patients Seamlessly and Accurately

Professor George Bakris on the importance of Continuous Blood Pressure Monitoring

Powered by a User-friendly App and AI Platform 

App provides easy to understand reports to the end patient and summary reports to physicians and caregivers; Platform enables machine learning models at scale, deep diagnostics and predictive learning analysis.


LiveOne is Revolutionizing Diagnosis and Treatment:

  • Continuous remote monitoring of Blood Pressure 24/7 with A-line accuracy

  • Nocturnal Blood Pressure throughout the night without disturbing sleep

  • Detection of white coat hypertension and masked hypertension

  • Summary Reports, Progress Reports and trend Analysis

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