Augmented Care


LiveMetric is transforming the care and condition-management of hypertension and cardiovascular diseases.

Using our own proprietary, continuous*, non-invasive arterial pressure technology, we provide a wearable, non-invasive medical device which enables augmented care and condition management treatment services management.

We seek to empower individuals, payors, self-insured employers and healthcare providers with an accurate, fact-based, personalized care platform that has the potential for improving the care and lives of over 1 Billion people worldwide who suffer from these conditions.




A comfortable, wrist-worn, continuous*, non-invasive blood-pressure monitor.

Delivers high fidelity arterial pressure waveforms and detailed activity mapping of the single user at any time.

Empowers its users - trained professionals, healthcare providers and payors - with accurate data and actionable insights; providing a key layer in improving the care and condition management of Hypertension and Cardiovascular diseases.


Actionable Insights

at Your Fingertips

Our goal is to provide prescribed patients, caregivers and payors with pertinent data and detailed daily activity mapping. Physicians and Payors can have access to real-time data on each and every patient, enabling them to create a more comprehensive care plan and track patient progress, much more accurately, over time.



Hypertension, Simplified

Once granted access by the user, clinicians, providers and payors can take advantage of valuable data including progress reports and periodical summaries, enabling them to reduce diagnosis time, better assess the various care programs available and enhance the overall patient engagement and most importantly - the care outcome.


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* Feature not yet approved by the FDA


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